Hello, my loyal gentle human readers! Once again it is I, Bailey the clever pup. Today I want to talk about reunions. You know, the occasions when you can meet others that you once knew and maybe still remember, but you’re not really sure.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 5.02.07 PMDad just had a reunion. In fact, it was a big one … It was his Fiftieth High School Reunion. 50 years is a long time. It’s even longer in dog years – 350 in fact! Now that is a looooong time!

Dad had a great time at his reunion and enjoyed talking to friends whom he hadn’t seen in years (50 years, to be precise). But it would have been a better evening if the puppies were also invited!

Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 001aWe puppies also like reunions. I would love to have a reunion with all my brothers and sisters. It has been years since I last saw them. In fact, it has been forty-nine years – in dog years, of course.

Here is a photo of me with my mom and only a few of my brothers. I came from a very large family and there were lots of us puppies to run around and play. I don’t know how mom had enough milk for all of us, but she did and we all grew up strong and healthy and then, one by one, we left the litter.

I often wonder what happened to all of them. I need to organize a reunion.

IMG_4768I did have another reunion recently. This time there wasn’t very much time between seeing each other. Do you remember that I was in the musical “Annie” just a few months ago, and I shared the role of Sandy with another clever pup named Mason? Well, we both were in the vicinity of the theater two weeks ago and saw each other! Here we are … the two Sandys!

Yessiree dog, reunions are great and can be lots of fun. Have you been to a reunion lately? Did you have fun? Did you remember everyone? Even more important, did anyone remember you? And the real question: Did you bring your puppy?




Yay Team! Oh, hello there, gentle humans. I hope you had a great week. I did! I was celebrating my fantasy football team’s opening win!

We’re 1-0!

IMG_5245Of course, that was only the first week. This next week won’t be as easy. First of all, my starting quarterback was injured in that first game. And my starting running back suffered a concussion. Both players are questionable for this Sunday. I may need to start my bench players instead. How well do you thing Woodstock will do?


Let’s Go, Team!


Hey, gentle humans, guess what day it is! It is the first day of the NFL football season! And THAT means … Fantasy Football Time! And this year, instead of just watching and reading about the games, I decided to draft my own fantasy team!

I call the team The Clever Pups.  Clever name, eh?

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 8.59.39 AM

Our first match-up is this week, and as you can see we are favored to win! We should easily beat those Greenhorns! I’ve got a great team. I particularly like that wide receiver from Detroit, Golden Tate. After all, we’re BOTH Goldens! He’s a Tait, and I’m a Retriever. Arf!

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 026I know that in the past there have been controversies in pro football regarding the inflation of the ball. So, just to be sure that there are no questions about deflated balls in MY game I will bring my own football to the …


Oh well, they’ll have to use their own ball. Besides, this is a fantasy game, and how can I bring my own ball to a fantasy game?

So, please root for The Clever Pups to win this week, and I’ll let you know how we did!



This Isn’t Sesame Street

Hello again, gentle humans. Today’s discussion is going to be about avian sightings. You know … those things that sing all day and fly in the air. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Do you like birds? I see them often, in the yard with me or during my walks in the park. For the most part I don’t pay them too much attention. They are small little things and are looking for small little things to eat, like seeds, or bugs, or worms.IMG_4906

But today I saw a big bird! No, not that Big Bird. Not that big bird from Sesame Street. If I saw that bird it would have been funny.

But this bird that I saw was not funny; it was scary. It was huge, and had big wings, and a long beak. It looked like something from a prehistoric age. It landed in the yard and startled all the purry things. They quickly ran to hide. I shouted to dad, “Look! It’s a pterodactyl!!” and I ran towards  it.

I had never seen a pterodactyl before, and I didn’t know what it was doing in my yard. It didn’t look like it wanted to look for seeds or worms. It wanted to eat something bigger, like purry things, or maybe even clever pups like me?

IMG_4904But dad told me that it wasn’t a dinosaur. Instead, it was a Great Blue Heron. It sure looked great! It was much greater than the sparrows and swallows and starlings that I usually see. It was even greater than the hawks and owls that fly overhead. “Great” was a great name for it.

Dad also told me that it wan’t interested in eating bugs, or worms, or clever pups. Herons like to eat fish that they catch in the water.

But what was it doing in our yard? Maybe it thought that there were fish swimming in the pool? I know that sometimes ducks come to our yard to swim in the pool, but this heron didn’t look like he was interested in swimming. He just stood there, looking regal and great, until this clever pup ran over to him, 12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 013barking very loudly.

And when I did, the Great Blue Heron flew away, gracefully and regally, towards the morning sun.

As he flew away I watched. I watched for a long time. He was so big that I could see him as he faded far into the distance. It was a sight that I hadn’t seen before, and I wish that he had stayed around longer.

I hope that the heron finds what he was looking for. I hope that he finds his way home. I hope that he finds his fish. I hope that he finds his way to Sesame Street. (But I couldn’t tell him how to get there.)

National Dog Day 2018

It’s time to celebrate, gentle humans! Today is THE DAY!


Today would be a great day to hug your dog, and play with him (or her) in the park, and maybe take him (or her) to the beach to run around in the surf!

Mom and dad and I went to the beach at Carmel-by-the-Sea and I had a wonderful time running in the sand, playing with the other dogs, and saying hello to all the gentle humans who were there. I love going to the beach, even if I don’t like going in the water. It’s COLD!

Today IS National Dog Day! It would be a great day to get your dog and take him (or her) for a nice hike up the hills to enjoy the wonderfully fresh air and warm sun.

I love going on these hikes. There are so many things to see, and smell. And there are Lots of Squirrels! I love to chase the squirrels.

I’d like it better if dad would take the leash off and let me really chase them.

Yup. Today is NATIONAL DOG DAY. It’s a great day to tell your dog what a good pup he (or she) is and give him (or her) an extra dog biscuit, or maybe even a piece of the filet mignon that you are planning to have for dinner.

Please don’t tell my vet, because he says that I need to lose some weight, but sometimes mom or dad (especially mom) will give me a bite or two from her plate, or save me the crust from her toast, or maybe even a bite from her ice cream bar.

And because today is NATIONAL DOG DAY I bet she’ll give me even more!

But why is it only National Dog DAY? Why can’t it be longer? After all, it’s not like we clever pups go away after the sun goes down. It’s not like you can forget about your dog, and ignore him (or her) until the next National Dog Day comes around.


Bark with me if you agree!

Tempus Fugit!

Hello again, gentle humans. Did you realize that summer is almost over? It seems like it just started, but now all the young gentle humans are getting ready for school. Wow, time sure flies by quickly.

Nathaniel Hawthorne once said, “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” Luckily in its shadow we also have photos to remember what was left behind.


One of my favorite little humans came to visit me the other day, but she’s not so little any more. It was nice to see her. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were starring in the play together. Remember, I was the clever pup in the musical Annie and she was on stage with me. That was just before summer started … and now summer is nearing its final curtain call.

And she is getting ready for another year at Middle School.

I remember when she was just a little human. It doesn’t seem all that long ago, yet time has flown by much faster than I realize.

Bailey water play 4-29-12 010

I remember one summer when we played in the pool together. That was a lot of fun. It seems like yesterday, yet it was five years ago! I was only two years old at the time.

Time flies. But it leaves behind some wonderful memories within its shadow.

“Enjoy the now. Time flies, enjoy it while you can.” A gentle human named Eddie Jemison said that, and it is very, very true. We have to appreciate each moment as it happens, because soon it will become part of the shadow.

And we will have new moments to enjoy.

Tempus fugit.




Brain Myths Exploded

During dad’s recovery from heart surgery he has been doing a lot of reading. I guess that is one way to pass the time since he can’t go outside and take me for long hikes.  He likes to read and I like to hike. I wish there was a way that he could read while he took me on these hikes.Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.11.52 AM

One of the books that he is reading he isn’t really reading. He is listening to it. It is an audiobook by Dr. Indre Viskontas about the brain, called Brain Myths Exploded. She sounds like a fascinating gentle human. Besides being a friend of dad’s she has a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience and an M.M. in opera (she and dad performed in an opera together).

But even better than all that … she likes clever puppies!

How do I know? Because she says so in the second chapter of her book.

In this chapter she is talking about how intelligence can be measured and which species is smarter than another. It is a common myth that the bigger the brain the smarter the individual. Therefore, a dog is vastly more intelligent than, say, an ant. That makes perfect sense.

But wait, that doesn’t make sense. Instead of just looking at brain size we should consider the body size in relation to the brain. In that case, the ant looks a lot smarter. And, when comparing brain to body size ratio, those purry-things are smarter than us dogs! As Indre says, “Go figure.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.12.10 AMLuckily she goes on to say that brain to body size ratio isn’t a good way to compare species. An even better measure is something called the Encephalization Quotient, or EQ. The EQ is the ratio of actual brain mass over expected brain mass of an organism with same body mass. It takes into account that bigger bodies are expected to have bigger brains. There is also a correlation between scoring high in EQ and living in a larger social group. So, by using EQ as the measure, we clever and social puppies come out higher than those aloof purry-things. And just in the way that Indre said that tells me that she likes dogs better.

This is a fascinating book. Each chapter is a separate lecture and I learned a lot. You should go out and get a copy of this for yourself! It is #1 on the Clever and High EQ Puppy Best Sellers List.

Hey! I just thought of something! Dad could listen to his audiobooks as we walk! Therefore he could “read” and hike with me at the same time!

See, I told you that I was a smart dog!


I’m a 49er!

What do you know, gentle humans?! I am now a 49er! Yay!

All right, I know what some of you are thinking. Pro football training camps are now open and the San Francisco 49ers could use a new wide receiver to run downfield and catch passes from Jimmy G., after all, remember I am speed! I can also elude all those would-be tacklers and play keep-away with the ball afternoon. Of course, that works only as long as the ball doesn’t go flat in my mouth. Do you remember when I posted about the deflated football here: Link to Game Day

But no, that’s not the type of 49er to which I refer.

Nor do I mean the prospector kind of 49er, the one who came to California in 1849 to dig for gold. Now, I will admit that I am a pretty good digger myself. I’ve dug a lot of holes in the back lawn. Here’s the time I posted about one of those holes stopping the lawn mower:  Link to Dog vs. MachineIMG_4609

What I really mean when I say that I am a 49er is that I am now 49 years old, in dog years! My birthday was a couple of days ago and I got a new monkey chew toy. I love these chew toys. This one has 4 (count them: FOUR!) squeakers and long arms for me to play tug-a-monkey with dad. They are virtually indestructible – I had my previous one for over two years – and I can chew on them forever.

I also gave one to my friend Maddie-in-Del-Mar a few years ago. I wonder if she still has hers?

But, as nice a present as the monkey was, the better gift for me was to finally spend IMG_4607the full day with dad. He had just come home from the hospital the previous day (when he got his squeaker repaired) and finally could play with me all day long.

Yessir-ree-dog, this was a great birthday for me. Me, the football-playing hole-digging 49er.

I hope that all of you gentle humans had a nice day, too. Squeak squeak!



Home is Where the Heart Is

Hello again, gentle humans. Wow, what a week I have had. Let me tell you about it.

08A56DE8-002F-4DBE-A349-207EF878EB96It started on a Tuesday night. I could tell something was up. Dad was going somewhere, I could feel it. I didn’t know what was happening, but he was going somewhere. And this wasn’t like any of the business trips that he had gone on in the past.

No, he was definitely going somewhere, and I didn’t like it (as you can tell from this photo).

That next morning he left the house with mom – and only mom came back.

It turns out that dad was going into the hospital for heart surgery. A vet for humans was going to open up his heart and fix something called a mitral valve.

Puff 003I’m not sure what that is, and I am not sure how they were going to do this. It sounds kind of messy. Would it be like the time when I opened up my plush dinosaur chew toy to get out the squeaker? That made quite a mess, and I’m sure that mom wouldn’t want that to happen to dad.

I also wasn’t sure what kind of stuffing they would find inside dad when they opened him up. Would he be stuffed full of cotton or fuzzy fluff? Probably, ‘cuz that’s what’s inside all my chew toys.

christmas-16-014Also, what about when he gets back home? Will he have to wear a Cone of Shame? After all, whenever a clever pup like me goes to the vet to have an operation, they always send us home with one of these cones. Would that happen to dad, too?

IMG_3967All week long mom would leave the house and when she returned I would look out the door to see if dad was there. And he wasn’t. This went on for many days. But finally yesterday he came home and got out of the car and rubbed my head. I wanted to go running and jogging and head up into the hills for a nice hike, but dad was too sore to do all that. It will take a few days, I guess, for him to recuperate from his surgery to take me for hikes again. I guess that he has to recover from his vet putting all that stuffing back into him.

It was good to have dad – and his heart – back home again. Hopefully soon we can go for hikes like this soon.

I just have one more question … When the vet opened dad up to fix his heart, did they find a squeaker inside?




Le Chien qui Dort

Good morning, gentle humans. Or good afternoon. I am not sure what time it is because I have been napping. And you know what they say about that:  “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.” 

Have you ever wondered who “they” are who say that? Well, around the year 1380 a gentle human named Chaucer wrote, “It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake.”

You remember Chaucer, I’m sure. He’s the author of that book that is required reading in Puppy School, The Canterbury Tails.

His words, however, sound a little funny. And he doesn’t know how to spell sleeping. I wonder how he got to be so famous with such terrible spelling.

Well, Chaucer wasn’t the only one to broach the subject of napping canines. No sirree-dog.  IMG_3355

In fact, a couple hundred years later in 1546 Heywood said, “It is euill wakyng of the slepyng dog.” But it’s interesting that his spelling is even worse! I would even call it atrocious!

I wonder if Chaucer and Heywood ever took part in a spelyng bee?

Well, that Olde English is a strange language. IMG_3917I actually prefer the French, who in the early 14th century advised “n’esveillez pas lou chien qui dort.” I think that is very good advice. In fact, I think I’ll go back to sleep.

Bonne nuit.