Welcome to my blog

 Hello, gentle humans.  This is I, Bailey.  I am a dog (well, actually, at this phase in my life I am still a puppy) … (and I act like a puppy!!).  And this is my blog.

Many of you have been following my story on my dad’s Facebook page, where he has been posting “The Daily Bailey.”  However, he has complained that I am actually more popular with his Facebook friends than is he, and therefore I decided to break away and get my own blog.  This way you can continue to follow me without cluttering up his space, which I am sure will now become very vacant.

So far, today has been a good day.  But it is still early, and I am expecting breakfast in 30 more minutes.  Until then I will run around outside on the back lawn and find more sticks to chew on.  It is a crisp morning, clear and sunny.  Perfect for a puppy to romp and and have fun.  Life is good.

I’ll be posting some more pictures here in the coming days … some new ones, and some that you have seen before (but now with my comments added).  I look forward to a fun and entertaining relationship with you.



One response to “Welcome to my blog

  1. I love his grammatical expertise. “This is I,” indeed. You go Bailey.

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