Happy New Year (in “People” Years)

So this is New Year’s Day, is it? Big deal. Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.  We dogs get to celebrate a new year seven times for each people year.  It gets old after a while. But the people in the house stayed up late last night and then all of a sudden started making a lot of noise, right in the middle of the night!  Gosh, how is a puppy to sleep? After all that racket and late night partying, I am exhausted.  Just let me sleep in, will you?


I want to dream about chasing cats and splashing in the muddy pond (I’ll have to tell you about my side of that story in a later post).  And I need to rest up for another full day of running and playing and making people happy.  Life is good!


One response to “Happy New Year (in “People” Years)

  1. Have a very Happy New Year, Bailey! I enjoy reading your blog.

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