Football Should be Played with 4 Feet

I heard through the Twilight Bark * that today is a big day for humans, and that most of them will be watching a game called “football” on the TV. I don’t care to watch; I much prefer to play my own kind of football on the back lawn.

For me, football means chasing the ball and pouncing on it, rolling onto my back, kicking at it with my hind legs, jumping up, then nudging it with my nose so that it rolls away.


Repeat again.

It is even more fun if dad or Melanie are outside to play, too. They don’t quite get the hang of it, however. They only use two feet and they always forget about the rolling over part. I have hopes that in time they will learn how to play my way, but they are slow learners.

Although I really do like living here I sometimes miss my brothers and sisters down in Santa Margarita. Here is a photo of Sparkle, my mother, and some of my brothers.

Can you figure out which one I am? I’m the cute one with four big paws and a beautiful cream-colored coat, slightly muddy. I’m only fourteen weeks old in this photo, so I might look a little different to you now.

There were five of us boys there to choose from, and when mom and dad went to see all of us we made quite a fuss, jumping and licking and running around, and it was hard at first to choose one of us to take home. But I made it easy for them. While my brothers kept running around, I went to dad and stood with my paws on his knee, just looking at his eyes. When mom asked which puppy to select, dad said, “I think this one has chosen us.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

* For those of you gentle humans who are unfamiliar with the Twilight Bark, you can get more information by clicking on this link:


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