Starry, Starry Night

Two nights ago I went outside early in the morning with dad to watch the Quadrantid meteor shower … or at least, he did.  It was clear and cold outside, and the moon had already set, so it was the perfect viewing conditions for star-gazing.  But as I said, he was the one looking up for falling stars.  I was looking up to see if he had brought me any treats.

In the time that we were outside dad saw about a dozen of his so-called falling stars.  I didn’t see any stars.  Nope.  Not all.  At least, I didn’t until dad took his camera and took a flash picture of me.  FLASH!  Believe me, I was certainly seeing stars after that!!!

But he was a good dad and did bring me out a treat.  So I gladly took it, forgot about the stars, and went off to lie down and chomp on it.

And the next time that dad wants to go outside at night to look at the stars, I’m wearing my dark glasses!


2 responses to “Starry, Starry Night

  1. You and Dad are lucky. I wanted to go see the meteor shower, but the only way I can do that hour of the night (morning?) is if I can sleep in the next day. And don’t remind me – puppies get to sleep in every day!

  2. I think that dad would have missed this viewing opportunity, too, if not for the fact that he needs to let me out every morning. In this case, he just got up a little earlier. I won’t tell him that he didn’t have to get up so early. I am already well-housebroken and didn’t need to go out that early — but hey, he gives me a treat every morning, so why not get one earlier (and then another when mom gets up)? – Bailey

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