Where the Nose Goes

Gentle humans, I’ve often heard you use the phrase, “Don’t go sticking your nose into things …”  What exactly do you mean by this?  And, for puppy’s sake, why not? 

After all, if you never get around to  sticking your nose into things, you’ll never know what you are missing.  There might be a rock or stick on which you can chew, there might be new smells, or even best, there might be a puppy treat at the other end just waiting to be eaten.

So, why oh why, would you not want to stick your nose into things?

I do.

So, gentle readers, I suggest that you go right on and stick your nose into the first thing that you see today.  Maybe it’ll be your coffee cup, or that musty closet that you haven’t opened in years.  Or, perhaps, it’ll be that forgotten container at the back of the refrigerator that has been sitting, neglected, since 2009.  Just think of the wonderful smells you can find or the delicious things to eat!

And, if you don’t want them, just send them my way.  I’ll take care of them for you.



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