Tastes Like Chicken …

“Raindrops on puppies and chasing the kittens,
Eating nice dog treats and tugging on mittens,
Chewing on branches, wallpaper and strings,                                                               These are a few of my favorite things.”

Actually, I was just going to talk about just one of my favorite things today:  The Squeaky Chicken. This was a gift to me from my big cousin Lance, who lives with my dad’s brother and his family near some place called See Attle.  Lance also has one of these chickens and loves it, and therefore thought that I’d like one, too.

He was right.  I love to bite it, and toss it in the air and chase it, and squeeze it again.  The best part is that it makes the nicest, loudest squeak of any of my toys!  I will just lie on the floor, and squeak it over, and over, and over, and…

Sometimes I pretend that I am squeaking the “1812 Overture”, or perhaps “A Hard Day’s Night,” or something like that.  Mom and dad must not have a very musical ear, however, because they don’t recognize these songs when I squeak them.  Oh well.

Here is a picture of Lance taken a few years ago when dad went up to visit with him. They went on a hike with Rebecca, dad’s niece.  It’s a nice picture, because it has a dog in it.  But I can’t figure out what Lance is doing with his leash.  Looks like it is wrapped around his nose … maybe he is trying to chew on it?

Someday I hope to drive up to See Attle to see Lance and his family.  Won’t that be a lot of fun, to have two of us Golden Retrievers running around the house?  Yup, that is something that I need to do.  I better get dad’s car keys again and practice driving some more.


3 responses to “Tastes Like Chicken …

  1. Oh dear. Two of you in the same house? That would be really, really crazy. And probably very slobbery, too.

  2. That is a “head collar” it attaches around my muzzle and neck. My people say it keeps me from pulling on my leash. Is it my fault that I am big, have a low center of gravity and have four paw drive while they only have two spindly legs and can tip over? I am sure you have well behaved people and they let you go where ever you want.

  3. Bailey, maybe you’d better let Dad drive. There are lots of squirrels on the way to Seattle. Wouldn’t do to get distracted and crash the car trying to chase them…

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