Duck Hunting

Whoever comes up ideas for with canine paraphernalia must be really strange, or very, very cool, because some of the items that get marketed are quite interesting.  For example, here is a toy called a “Chuck-a-Duck.”  I guess the idea is that you gentle humans will fling this thing and then I, the puppy, will chase it.

And bring it back for you to throw all over again.

It is a good method for us puppies to teach you gentle humans how to throw objects, and how to respond to the stimulus of being presented with a sopping wet round object in the mouth of a dog.

So far, my humans have reacted admirably to this training.  Every time they see the Chuck-a-Duck, they want to pick it up and throw it.  Maybe they are smarter than they look.  One would hope, anyway.

Chuck-a-Duck is very versatile. It also is an excellent tool when I want to play tug-of-war.  It conveniently comes with handles for humans to hold and for puppies to get our teeth around.  This game can go on for hours, but the attention span of gentle humans is not very long and they quickly tire of it.

There are other versions of this toy as well.  I also have one called a Hurl-a-Squirrel.  I wonder if there are others.  I wonder if there is one that is called Scurry-a-Purry?


One response to “Duck Hunting

  1. I had a chuck a duck. I think your people gave it to me. It was yummy.

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