Balls are for Playing With

There is a simple formula that you all know:  Dog + Ball = Play.  If something is round, and it rolls, then you (if you are dog) chase it and bat at it and try to pick it up.  It is a very simple rule that keeps the universe going.

So you can imagine my joy when my people presented me with a new toy … a ball that rolled all by itself!  This clear orb had some kind of self-propelled mechanism inside it, sort of a furry-thing that made it go.  A small furry-thing with small little legs.  It looked funny.

And it smelled funny, too.

But, it was a ball.  It rolled.  And, in keeping with the universal rule, it was there for me to play with.

I immediately pounced on it, and tried to pick it up, but to my surprise it rolled away from me. This furry-thing didn’t seem to want to get to know me very well. My people said that the furry-thing was most likely traumatized by the experience, so they picked up the ball and moved it to another room where I couldn’t play with it.  I bounced around and jumped up, trying to tell my dad that I, dog, had to play with the ball, or the very existence of the universe was in jeopardy.

He didn’t listen.

I am very surprised that the Earth is still spinning this morning and that everything didn’t just come to a stop when the … wait a minute.  I just said that the Earth is spinning.  It is like a ball … a BIG ball.  Maybe I can play with that!


2 responses to “Balls are for Playing With

  1. I like Bailey’s philosophy!

  2. Hey Larry, you should take Bailey on tour.

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