These Paws are Made for Walking

Dad says that whenever he passes someone, for example, in the hallway at work, he tries to make eye contact with them and say “Hi” or some other gentle human greeting.  Most times he will get a reply back, but some people just go right past, ignoring him, often staring down at their feet as they walk by.

That kind of thing never happens to us popular puppies!  We all went for a walk yesterday at the Harvey Bear Ranch* in San Martin, and we passed lots of other people.  Everyone looked at me and said “What a cute dog,” and “Hello, puppy,” and just “Awww.”  Two little girls dressed in pink asked if they could pet me (of course, I said “yes”) and wanted to know what my name was.  When I told them, their father picked up his walkie-talkie and said – to the person on the other end, I guess – “We have a Bailey sighting.”  It was a wonderful day out, even if my humans complained that it was too cold.

But by far the best part was getting to meet other dogs.  We saw a very impressive and intimidating German Shepard, and some little doggies that were the same size as those purry-things back home. But I fell in love with the two Yellow Labrador girls who were out for a walk with their dad.  They were only six months old – just a little older than me – and wow, were they ever good lookin’!  We had a chance to meet each other, but after we went our own ways I kept looking back and trying to get mom to let me play with them some more.  Maybe I’ll see them again the next time I go for a walk there.

I hope we can go back soon.  Everyone we passed – dogs and people alike – was so friendly and happy to see me.  They didn’t behave at all like those people dad sees at work who walk around studying their own shoe laces and never notice the people around them.

Maybe dad should take me to work some day!!


* The Harvey Bear Ranch is a county park in Santa Clara County.  It is a huge place where dogs can walk, or ride in boats on the water, or go camping.  A link to its website is here:



2 responses to “These Paws are Made for Walking

  1. Love the “We have a Bailey sighting” – he is famous!!

  2. Bailey, thank you for corresponding with me! I added some notes regarding your kind thoughts, and I added your picture (hope you don’t mind…I wanted people to see what a handsome guy you are).
    Your friend, Chester the Adopted Cat (though right now I don’t know who is adopting me)

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