Why I Blog

Many gentle humans wonder why I, a puppy, would want to write a blog.  They think that puppies, such as I, would want to spend their days running and eating, chewing and sleeping.  Yes, I like to do those things.  But this five-and-a-half month old dog wants to do more.

In 1946 George Orwell – the author of Animal Farm, a great book about us animals –  wrote an essay entitled Why I Write.  He starts by saying, “From a very early age I knew that when I grew up I should be a writer.”  That applies to me, too, because I am still at a very early age.  A big reason for wanting to write, however, is because I was influenced by another dog-blogger, Murphy the Great Dane.  You can find the link to his blog on the right hand side of my page.  Murphy has lots of things to say, and talks about the fun things that he has done in his hometown of Sandy Eggo (I’ve looked it up – can’t find that city on the map anywhere).

Blogging has been fun, and it has allowed me to correspond directly to other pets.  As you know, I have been writing to my cousin Lance, who sent me the squeaky chicken. 

I’ve also gotten emails from Harley (he’s the one on the left … I think) who told me that he steals all the toys from Kosmo (on the right, I believe.  I can never tell them apart).  Those two seem like a real riot to have around the house. I feel a little sorry for their human.  I certainly can’t imagine what mom and dad would do if there were two of me!

I even have written to a purry-thing, if you can believe that.  I’ve heard from Chester-the-adopted purry-thing who has started his own blog as well (he got the idea to start a blog from me – my influence knows no bounds).  He is blogging because his owner left him in a strange house when he (the owner, not the purry) went to a place called college, and he (the purry again) wants him (the student) to know what he has been doing.

That sounds like a good reason to blog.  But it isn’t my motivation or purpose.  So why do I write?

Back to Mr. Orwell:  He listed four reasons why writers write:

1)  Sheer egoism  (Desire to seem clever, to be talked about …)

2)  Aesthetic enthusiasm  (Perception of beauty in the external world …)

3)  Historical impulse  (Desire to see things as they are …)

4) Political purpose (… to alter other peoples’ idea of the kind of society that they should strive after.)

I think that all four of these apply to me.  I am a puppy, and by my nature I am clever and crave attention.  I am a puppy, and therefore I am enthusiastic, about beauty and mud alike.  I am a puppy, and see things through much more gentle eyes than you humans do.

And what about altering peoples’ ideals and society?  I am a puppy, and have much to teach humans about joy and living each day to the fullest.


3 responses to “Why I Blog

  1. Bailey-
    You are very wise for such a little guy!

  2. Yes, I am the one on the left and Kosmo (aka the “good one”) is on the right. But I’m the “cute one” and mom keeps saying to me “good thing you are cute otherwise I’d get rid of you little troublemaker”… If you (Bailey) were around here, i know mom would pay a lot more attention to you than me because you are way cute and still a puppy and a lot nicer than I am.

  3. Does Bailey give tutorials on blogging? Mine seems to be at a standstill. But perhaps my gentle human eyes have not quite grasped the joy of running with sticks.

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