Rain is Coming

“Rain is coming.”

That is what my mom said.  I got all excited.  Oh boy, rain is coming!  I can’t wait.  I’ve never seen rain before, at least not that I can remember.  Will I like rain? Will he rub my head and bring me treats to eat?

Yesterday our friend Jennifer came.  She is nice, and I was glad to see her.  I jumped up and whined and waited until she got in the door to say “Hello” to me.  I was glad that she came to our house.

And now rain is coming.  But, who is rain?  I don’t know.

Or, maybe rain isn’t a ‘who.’  Maybe it is a ‘what.’  In that case, what is rain?  Is it a new toy?  Oh boy, I love toys.  I love to chew them, and carry them around with me.  I particularly like the ones that make noise, like the squeaky chicken.  Mom thought that I would have ripped that chicken to pieces by now, but no, why would I do that?  It is much more fun to make it squeak!  Squeak, squeak, squeak!  Such a nice sound.

I bet that rain is going to be a toy for me to play with outside. My dad keeps saying that “rain is coming” and looking in the backyard. Maybe it’ll be like this nice plastic bucket-thing that I found in the yard.  I carried this around for a long time, running with it, chewing on it, playing ‘keep-away’ with my people.

I hope that rain is something that I can chew.  I’m getting tired of the plastic things, or the slippers and socks, and even the wallpaper.  I need a new experience.  I need rain.

Oooo, rain is coming.  The pretty lady on the weather forecast said that it, or he, will be here tonight.  I’m so excited.  Are you?


One response to “Rain is Coming

  1. Buddy-
    you are very smart. and cute.

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