Approaching the Sound Barrier

Speed.  I am speed. Faster than fast, quicker than quick.  I am Lightning.

(I’ll give a doggie bone to whoever can place where that quote comes from.)

Yes, I am fast.  Faster than fast. Faster than my mom.  Faster than my dad.  Even faster than Melanie.  I am fast.  Often, I am even faster that the camera.  You have to be fast with the shutter finger to catch me.  And whether I’m coming, or going, I’m fast.  Too fast for the camera.

For example, when I was out playing soccer with Melanie, I was fast.  See how quick I was?  I even scored a goal, as you can see here.  Well, you can sort of see.

I was even faster than the person, whom you can barely see way in the background .

Outside or inside, I am fast. Time waits for no puppy, they say, and this puppy waits for no camera.  You’ve got to be alert, you’ve got to be ready, you’ve got to be fast to capture a photo of me.

I run so fast that I even break the sound barrier.  I know this because I run, and I run, and I don’t hear when my people call my name.  Therefore I must be running faster than the speed of sound.

And now, I need to stop writing and post this to the blog, then go outside. The rain has stopped and it looks like a good morning for running!





2 responses to “Approaching the Sound Barrier

  1. ‎*quote* is Lightening McQueen in “Cars” But I’ll pass on that bone (give it to Bailey)

  2. Go Bailey go!!!!!!

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