Driving People Happy

Dad took me for my first driving lesson yesterday.  Well, I wasn’t behind the wheel … yet.  Soon, however, I am sure that I will be.  Not sure yet, though, how I will steer and use the pedals at the same time.  But if you gentle humans can do it, then we clever puppies will figure out a way.

In this first lesson I learned how to pay attention to everything that was happening around me as we drove down the street.  It wasn’t hard to do, so I’m surprised that so many people still are seemingly clueless to what is happening while they are driving.  Like the people in the silver coupe who … well, we won’t go into details here.  Puppies don’t like to bring stress into people’s lives.  People do that enough.

I also practiced sticking my tongue out while we drove.  That is something that all we dogs do, and do well.  You humans haven’t gotten the hang of it yet (ha ha, ‘hang’ of it – get it?  The tongue just hangs out of my mouth.)

It isn’t hard to do, and people always smile when they see a dog in a car with his tongue hanging out.  You people should really try this more … then people who are driving would be happier.

Try it, when you are on your commute today or when you go to pick up the little person at school.  Stick your tongue out … see what reaction you get from others.  But if you have been digging in the lawn, make sure that there isn’t any grass still stuck on your tongue.


One response to “Driving People Happy

  1. I think that there would be a lot less road rage if we took Bailey’s advice and drove around with our tongues hanging out!

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