Football Season is Over

This past weekend was a sad time for football.  Things looked so promising; a tough loss is hard to take.

No, I am not talking to you gentle 49er fans, or even any Ravens’ followers out there.  I am talking about real football, the kind that we clever puppies play.

This is a picture of me earlier in the season, playing football with MY ball.  It’s obviously early in the season because I’m much smaller than I am now.

You will recall from my previous post (“Football Should be Played with Four Feet“,  1/2/12 – )  that I would chase this ball around and kick it with any of my four paws.  After it bounced away I would chase it and pounce on it again.  It is a fun game and I could play it for hours.

Well, this past weekend I suffered a devastating football loss.  No, the reason was not due to a fumble, or a missed field goal, or a missing dog treat.  It was a loss caused by … a broken ball.  Yup, the ball got a hole in it.  Well, it was more like a tear.  Whatever, it wouldn’t roll anymore, so it wasn’t fun to chase around the yard.  I felt terrible — the season was over.  I didn’t know what to do. I was devastated.

So I did the next best thing …   I chewed the ball.

The real loss, however, was when mom found the tattered ball.  She didn’t see the chewing possibilities that it presented (you gentle humans never have understood the joy of chewing that we puppies experience) and so she threw that ball away.

(Whine, whine)  Oh well, wait until next season!


One response to “Football Season is Over

  1. Much wisdom this wee one has!

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