Rain, Rain, Go Away

“If the rain comes the puppies run and hide,
They’d rather stay inside,
If the rain comes, if the rain comes,”

Those are the lyrics that the Beatles should have written.  Because, last weekend, I met rain.

I didn’t like it.

Oh, I will admit that I did like the fact that my people had a nice, big towel with which to dry me off when I came back in from being outside in that cold, wet, awful rain.  I love being rubbed down with a nice towel … and then grabbing it and playing tug-a-towel afterwards.  That part was nice.

But … back to the rain.  It was wet.  It was cold.  And yet, they made me go outside, several times a day.

The purry-things who live in the house got to stay inside.  They didn’t have to get all wet (now that would have been funny to see).  They got to stay in because they have this thing called a “litter box”.

I’m not sure what a litter box is … my people won’t let me get close to it.  But it smells good, and I’m sure it would be fun to play in.  If there was a litter box big enough for a puppy, then I could stay inside where it is warm and dry.  If there was a litter box big enough for a puppy, then I could play and dig and roll and have a great time without getting all wet.

Will someone please talk to my people about getting me a litter box?  Please?  I’ll even give you one of my puppy-treats if you do.

But then, if I had a litter box, I wouldn’t have to go outside and get wet.  I wouldn’t have to be dried off with the big, fuzzy towel. And I wouldn’t be able to play tug-a-towel.

Life is never full of easy choices …




One response to “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Sometimes a nice, warm towel just makes everything better!

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