Tags – I’m It!

I’ve got new jewelry, yes I do.  Look at this picture … look at my neck.  I’ve got a new collar and tags!  Don’t I look grand with my tags and collar?  I’m looking more like a grown-up dog every day.

I feel important now that I have tags.  Do you remember the movie, Lady and the Tramp?  It was a wonderful film – it has dogs in it! When Lady got her collar and tags it was a big deal.  I remember what Trusty the bloodhound said, when he first saw Lady with her new tags:

“Wearin’ the greatest honor man can bestow. The badge of faith and respectability.”

Yes, I feel honored to wear these tags.  They’re new!  They’re shiny!  They make a wonderful jingling sound.  I love to run around and listen to my tags jingle as I bounce.  It is a terrific sound.

Mom and dad tried to get a close-up of me wearing my tags, but of course I was so excited that I couldn’t hold still.  So they finally got a surrogate to model the tag so that you gentle humans could see my tag up close.

Isn’t that a classy tag?  Wouldn’t you like to wear it?

Sorry, you can’t.  Your name isn’t Bailey.  And you are not a dog.



2 responses to “Tags – I’m It!

  1. HAHA! I love the model-double you used for the photoshoot. Perfect match I think.

  2. Thanks, Harley. Sometimes I think it is nice to have a substitute so I can take a break. Puppies need some time off, as I know you’re aware.
    However, some of my dad’s Facebook friends don’t agree with you. When this same double showed up on my Facebook album, he got replies such as, “Boo boo! We want Bailey!” and “Replacements just are not the same.”
    (sigh) I just can’t get a day off …

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