A Better Way to Clean Dishes

Mom and dad got a new box.  It’s a big box, and they put their dirty dishes in it, then they close it up and push a button.  It makes a little noise, and in a short time those same dishes are clean.

It’s nice, and shiny, and really quiet.  They probably spent a lot of money on it.  That’s too bad, because I have a better way, and much cheaper way, to clean the dishes for them.

If you watch me when I am served my breakfast or dinner you will see that I love to eat.  I don’t leave anything behind, and when I am done eating I lick the bowl clean.

Very clean.  I am sure that I get my bowl as clean as mom and dad would if they put it into that big box.

So my suggestion is that they return that box and instead let me, the puppy, clean all of their dishes.  I would do a very good job of it and wouldn’t complain about all the dishes (like they so often do — I’ve heard them).

I know my puppy-nomics and am sure this is a more effective and cost efficient method of cleaning the dishes.  It won’t use any electricity, it will save on water, and will not use any soaps or detergents that might harm the environment.  The only cost of operation would be a few puppy treats.

And with all the money that they save, just think of all the new toys that they could buy for me!




One response to “A Better Way to Clean Dishes

  1. I love the puppynomics!

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