Look! Up in the Sky!

The principles of flying are simple.  It’s all about lift vs. gravity, and speed vs. drag.  In fact, it is so simple that a puppy should be able to do it.  Especially a puppy like me.

I know that I have the speed.  I can run circles around everyone else who lives here.  I am one fast little puppy. So the speed part of the flying equation is satisfied.

Now for the lift.

This may be a little trickier.  I don’t have wings, like a bird, so can’t use those.  But I have been trying something that I learned from watching the movies … I’m trying to flap my ears — like Dumbo — to get the necessary lift to offset the pull of gravity.  I weigh over 50 pounds now, a lot more than I used to, but still not my full grown-up weight.  So I figure this may be a good time to try flying.

Here you can see me trying to flap my ears and get off the ground.  I’m very close to achieving flight, as you can tell.  Didn’t quite get it, however.  Maybe I need to get both my ears to flap in unison … that might help.

Another thing that might help is for me to find a magic feather, just like Dumbo used to help him fly.  I’ve been trying to use this magic piece of wood that I found, but it doesn’t have the right kind of magic, I guess.

But I will keep on with my flying lessons.  Meanwhile, you should keep a watch in the skies above you.  Someday you may see me up there, soaring high in the sky.




5 responses to “Look! Up in the Sky!

  1. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Bailey!!! 🙂

  2. Reminds me of an old favorite, “Given enough thrust, even a brick will fly.”

  3. Neil, are you comparing me to a brick ???!!! – Bailey

  4. Of course not Bailey. I was specifically referring to the second sentence of your post. You are far more lovely, lively, and intelligent than a brick. Sincere apologies for the apparent slight.

  5. Hi Bailey – you’re the bomb, as they used to say!!!!
    Live like Bailey is my new motto!!!

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