Chasing Squirrels

We went on a nice little walk last Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, with only a slight breeze.  Wonderful weather for a leisurely stroll.

Everything was going along nicely, when all of a sudden I … wait! what was that?  Over there … I saw something moving in the grasses.

What was it?  Come on, dad, let’s go see!

We ran along the trail to the spot where I saw the movement.  Well, I ran, and dad tried to keep up.  As I have said many times before, I am speed.  He is, well, to put it kindly, not.  If it weren’t for that leash I probably could have caught that thing, whatever it was, but unfortunately there are leash laws in this town, and I have to be sure that dad keeps up with me wherever I go.  After all, we can’t have humans wandering around aimlessly, now, can we?

Well, we got to the place and I saw it again … it was a squirrel!  My first one.  I tried to go into the grasses and follow it, but dad would not let me.  I think he was afraid of getting lost in the tall grasses.  I heard that he had a traumatic experience like that when he was just a toddler, and now he is still fearful of tall grass.  That must be why he always wants the lawn mowed before it gets too tall.

So I let the squirrel go. We went to a bench to rest up from all the activity.  It  was a fun outing, and getting to see my very first squirrel was exciting. I was sorry that I didn’t get to chase him … but next time we go for a walk, he better watch out!


3 responses to “Chasing Squirrels

  1. Sorry to hear that your Dad was traumatized by tall grass, Bailey. You were very brave…squirrel!!!!

  2. Bailey, you are a beautiful healthy dog. Keep walking with your dad and maybe, someday (hopefully) he can keep up with you to catch that squirrel. He’s been biking and exercising at work to get in shape to play with you more actively and not run out of breath so quickly :). He’s getting older (it’s his birthday this month) but you are keeping him young. You are awesome.

  3. Ellie, I’m glad to hear that dad is exercising so that he can run better with me. But I’m afraid that he is a lost cause. He will never be able to run as fast as I can. Even now, when he is puffing away trying to keep up, I am only jogging. When I get a little stronger I will be able to drag him behind me as I chase those squirrels!

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