Filling in the Holes

I like to dig.  You gentle humans probably remember that I already talked about that in an earlier post (  But I know that I need to put back what I’ve taken out.

That is why I decided to fill the holes up.  I found a nice bag of potting soil  in the yard and dragged it over to the lawn.  It wasn’t hard to tear it bag open — not for a clever dog like me, anyway — and soon I had the contents spread all over the lawn.

It was hard, however, to get all that dirt into the hole without a shovel.  I picked up clumps of the stuff and tried to fill the holes which I had started, but just ended up spreading the soil all over the lawn.

My people saw me and told me to stop.  I just looked at them with surprise.

“Stop?  Me? But I’m a puppy … I’m cute and fun and you love watching me play. You don’t really want me to stop, do you?”

So, they let me play with that bag and the dirt some more, then finally had to call me in to get cleaned up.  Got a doggie treat, too. I was tired after all that work, and so I took a nice nap, and dreamed about digging and filling hole after hole after …

The next time I went outside, the bag had mysteriously disappeared.  Gone.  To where, I don’t know.  But the dirt was still all over the lawn, so I know I wasn’t dreaming.


One response to “Filling in the Holes

  1. Ah, the life of a puppy!

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