From Bag to Mouth

Mom went shopping yesterday. She does this often. And being a good, conscientious shopper she uses her own bags to bring home the groceries, instead of adding more paper or plastic to the landfills.

Good for her.

But why must she use this pink bag with a mouse on it?  I think a photo of a nice dog would be better. Maybe I should get her a Pluto bag, or (ha ha ha) a Goofy one!

Besides, it isn’t even her birthday.

Anyway, I just had to check out the bag to see what she brought home for me, or maybe not for me but something that I can sample anyway.

Can you gentle humans smell it?  Oh, I forgot … you people can’t smell very well at all.  Not like us clever puppies.  I knew right away that there was something in the bag for me. Now can you see it?

I had a little trouble getting it out of the bag.  I will admit that as clever as we pups are, it would be nice to have opposable thumbs once in a while.

A little stretching, a little bending, a little nudging, a few gentle tugs with the teeth, and I soon had it out of the bag. Mom and dad never even knew that I took it out of that mousie-carrier.  What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

So I took my doggie treat off to enjoy it in peace and quiet.  While I chewed on it, I made some plans for how to get that steak out of the bottom of the bag!  Does anyone have any hints that would help me?

Thanks, and I’d be willing to share the steak with you.  That is, if you don’t mind it raw and a little tenderized first …


5 responses to “From Bag to Mouth

  1. Every household needs a Bailey!

  2. Good morning, Bailey! You are an excellent writer!

  3. Bailey, I hate to tell you, but I’m sure it was either Mom or Dad operating the camera…

  4. Bailey, you have the right idea about just helping yourself. I’m sure your people are very kind and don’t mind. Some day I will tell you about the whole pan of oven fried chicken that I found on the counter. It was yurmmy and I slept well! BTW if you like rain wait until you see snow!

  5. Lance, I’d love to meet snow! I saw a picture of snow once. He stood about three feet high, and his body lookled like a big ball that would be fun to chase. His arms were very skinny — almost like the sticks that I chase and carry around the backyard. And his eyes looked very dark and menacing … almost like two lumps of coal. But the best part was his carrot-like nose. I bet that would be great to chew on!

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