The BIG Squirrel

“Com’on, dad.  You’re not walking fast enough. “

The last time dad and I went for a walk he was just taking his time, and I wanted to chase that squirrel again. But he was in no hurry, and was just strolling along talking to mom.  It was frustrating for this clever puppy.

“Let’s go faster, dad. Here, let ME take the lead!”

So I did.  I grabbed the leash in my mouth and began to pull him down the path.  I didn’t want that squirrel to get away again.

I was pretty pleased with the way that dad followed along. He didn’t pull or tug at all.  Still, he didn’t keep up with my pace.  I think I may need to send him to obedience school so that he will follow my lead better.

“Oh, there he is, dad!  There’s that squirrel.  Let’s run faster. Com ‘on!”

I saw that squirrel and took off, once again dragging dad along behind me.  I didn’t want to lose track of that little guy this time … today I felt lucky.

But … something was wrong.  Something seemed different. The squirrel didn’t run away very fast.  In fact, he didn’t run at all.  And he looked bigger.  Much, much bigger.  Eating all that grass certainly was adding to his bulk.

I think that squirrel needs to go on a diet, big-time.  There is no way that he is ever going to fit back into his hole in the ground again.

“Com ‘on, dad, let’s go chase the crows instead.”


One response to “The BIG Squirrel

  1. Wise decision to chase the crows instead, young Bailey!

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