Call Me Mudbud

I haven’t written lately … been busy.  I’ve been trying to emulate my favorite movie star.

There’s some guy named Disney who has a whole series of movies about Golden Retriever puppies.  These movies are called the Buddy movies, and there is Air Buddies, Treasure Buddies, Space Buddies (my favorite), and many more. They feature five puppies who have all sorts of adventures.

This is a picture of my favorite buddy, “Mudbud.”  As you can see, he is always getting dirty.

And this is a picture of me.  Looking just like Mudbud.

There is a pond in backyard, and some of you gentle humans on Facebook may remember that I got into this pond a few weeks ago, and got wonderfully dirty, and dad took this picture.  But afterwards, he took some wire fence stuff and closed off the pond so that I couldn’t get back in.

Arf!  The joke is on him.  This clever puppy is, well, to put it simply, this puppy is clever!  Last weekend I found a way to squeeze my way around the end of that fence and get back into the glorious ooze in the pond!

Aaah, what fun!

Then I got out and ran around the yard while dad tried to catch me.  Of course he couldn’t … remember, I am speed!  But then I stopped … turned, and jumped up on him!  Now he was all wet, and muddy, and smelly too!  But he didn’t seem to like it as much as I did.

I don’t understand humans some time.  They just can’t appreciate the better things in life.  Maybe that is why they get so stressed and frantic.  They should just romp in the mud and dirt more.  Like me and Mudbud.

If you would like to see a short video of Mudbud from one of his movies, click on this link:


One response to “Call Me Mudbud

  1. Bailey you are a lucky dog. One of my people (the maintenance, repair and clean up person) was speculating about what it would be like to have a pond in our yard. The senior female told him that I would truly enjoy it. The subject hasn’t been mentioned again. I wish I had a pond. About the fence, remember you can go over it or you can go under it!

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