Good Clean Fun

I discovered a new game!  And unlike my romp in the muddy pond that I told you about yesterday, this one is good, clean, fun!  This is fast, and furious. This is exciting. This is all about chasing soap bubbles !!!

I still don’t know where these bubbles came from.  Mom and Melanie were outside with me, but I think they must have been just as confused.  Every time I would turn around, there were more bubbles.  There were so many that I didn’t know which one to chase next.  I kept running around in circles, jumping up in the air, looking for the next bubble to burst.

It was great fun.  I even tried a little flying (see me here trying to flap my ears) so I could get up as high as those bubbles, but I still don’t quite have enough lift.

Hmm, these bubbles float … they must be lighter than air.  Maybe if I ate enough of them I could fly?

I tried this theory, and here you can see me as I jumped up really high to catch another bubble.  I could tell that I was jumping up higher and higher … so this means my theory must have been working!  I guess I just didn’t eat enough of those bubbles.

In the background you can see two of mom and dad’s horses (I think they are called Arabians, but they look like big pets to me).  They don’t care about eating bubbles … they are too intent on their grass.  I bet that’s why you never see a horse fly … (pun intended).

I could have chased and caught bubbles all afternoon, but unfortunately the wind was blowing them away from me, and a lot of them floated out across the swimming pool.  I didn’t trust my flying abilities enough to follow them, so I just watched them drift away.

I’m not sure if I like this last photo.  What do you think … does that bubble make my butt look bigger?


One response to “Good Clean Fun

  1. No Bailey, that bubble does NOT make your butt look big! You are such a clever and active pup! I’m sure that you will soon be flying – keep flapping your ears, keep jumping and keep believing that “you can fly, you can fly, you can fly.” 🙂

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