World Peace

Hello, gentle humans.  Today I want to talk about an important subject that should concern all of us.  I want to talk about World Peace.

No, I am not talking about a basketball player.  I am not even talking about countries, or cultures, or ideologies.  I am talking about world peace among animals.

Specifically, between us clever dogs and the purry-things.

Now, I grant you that I have often said a disparaging word or two, or three, about these purry-things who seem to spend their days sleeping, or whining about wanting more food, or coughing up hairballs.  But lately I’ve gotten to know a couple of them on a nose-to-nose basis, and they’re not really all that bad.  Granted, they don’t chase balls, or fetch sticks, but they often have something interesting to tell me.  Like where to find the old soccer ball in the yard for me to play with, or how to beg for more food (although I was pretty good at that on my own).  We also like to play tag, and although I am much faster than they are — after all, I am speed — they can go side-to-side very quickly and it is hard to tag them.

The only thing I have to be careful about are those sharp pointy things that they always carry in their paws.  If they could only get rid of those, I think that the purry-things and I could really achieve World Peace.

You gentle humans should take note of this.  Get rid of your sharp pointy things, stop coughing up hairballs, and get to know each other nose-to-nose.  Life can be so much nicer if we all live together .


2 responses to “World Peace

  1. Bailey should win the Noble Peace Prize – he is noble, he knows how to bring about peace amongst differing species and he is a prize among Goldens.

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