As Cute as a Puppy?

There is, gentle humans, a double standard when it comes to behavior.

I would not have believed this, until recently.  Remember when I had a grand time playing in the pond and getting all muddy?  It was wonderfully fun … for me.  However, mom and dad were not very pleased.

It turns out that they feel quite differently when they are the ones getting muddy.  A couple of days ago they were filling the horse’s water trough, and accidentally let the water overflow.  Big time.  There was water — and mud — all over the place where the horse eats that hay-stuff (yuck).  Dad had to go out and play in the mud — I mean,  clean up the mess — and he got very muddy in the process.

And did mom get mad at him for getting so muddy?

No, she thanked him and praised him and let him back into the house without taking a bath outside first!

That, my gentle readers, is a double standard.  I don’t like it …. there should only be one standard.  I propose that we all use this criteria:

How does it measure up on the puppy-cuteness scale.

If we judge all actions and behaviors by this single, fair, and very cute standard, then we will all be happier.   So, the next time that you have to evaluate something, ask yourself, “Is this as cute as a puppy?”

Life would be much simpler.  It would be good.



One response to “As Cute as a Puppy?

  1. I think that that’s a good code to live by, Bailey. And double standards are sooo unfair!

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