Panda Expressed

Dad is a zoologist.  At least, that is what he studied in some place called college.  And, during those studies, he probably dissected a lot of things: squirmy-things and slimy-things, creepy-things and swimmy-things.  Maybe even purry-things.  But he probably never dissected a squeaky-thing.

I have.

Mom and dad were trying to watch the television, but they couldn’t hear any of the dialogue because of a loud, regular squeaky noise.  Coming from me, the clever puppy.  But they couldn’t figure out what was making the squeaks, because none of my squeaky toys were near me.  They finally looked in my mouth, and there they found a squeaker.

The squeaker from the tug-a-panda that I had just finishing dissecting.

I really loved playing with that panda, but once I finished with the dissection, and removed squeaker, mom tossed out the carcass.  I couldn’t believe it!  There was still lots of stuffing that needed to be removed from that tug-a-panda.

I tried to dig through the garbage (wow, there is lots of fun and exciting stuff in there!) but they took it outside somewhere before I could retrieve the tug-a-panda.  They also took away the squeaker (I guess they didn’t want me to become a clever squeaky-puppy).

So I sat there, and looked at them, and they felt sad for me.  So they got out a big box, and inside it was another, brand-new, tug-a-panda!  Hurray!  I couldn’t wait to begin playing with it!  I played tug-a-panda with them right away, and when they got tired I played with Colleen.

And soon, when they are not looking, I am going to dissect this squeaky-thing also!


One response to “Panda Expressed

  1. Hi B! You sure sound like you are enjoying life! You picked out a nice family to live with!Tug-a-panda – I’ve seen tug-a-fox, too! I envy your days – food, naps and running!!! And typing!!!!!!!

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