Feed Me!

Hello, gentle humans.  Today’s “Peanuts” comic strip got me thinking about eating — well, to be honest, there are lots of things that get me thinking about that subject.  But when I read this comic I realized how very dependent we pups are when it comes to suppertime.

Can we just go and dish out our own kibble?  No, we have to wait for you forgetful humans to remember to feed us.  Can we unscrew the lid to the puppy treat container? No, we have to wait for you busy humans to give us another goodie.

And one time, as I watched and waited while you humans were preparing your own dinner (and had forgotten about mine, I might add), you finally noticed me and gave me a little piece of what you were chopping up.  It was something called garlic!!  Phew, I spit that right out.  What was it?  It wasn’t chicken, it wasn’t beef, it wasn’t even broccoli.  It rolled around like a little ball.  I played with it, rolled it, then gave it another chance.  I ate it.

But, don’t you think it would be so much better if we clever puppies could make our own meals?  No more of this kibble and canned stuff.  I’d go for the prime rib, and the fresh trout, and don’t forget the donuts!  Yumm.

Enough dreaming … gotta go remind dad that it’s time to feed me.



2 responses to “Feed Me!

  1. Have you gentle humans have no soul?? Why has this precious pup not been fed Twinkies?

  2. Can never see or hear the words “feed me” with out thinking of “Little Shop”

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