At the Movies

I watched a movie last night.  Really.  I watched it.

It is an old movie called “Homeward Bound” and it was all about animals.  There were three pets: a Golden Retriever (like me), a scamp of a pup, and a purry-thing, all going for a long hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

It was fun, and exciting.  I particularly liked the part where the puppy launched the purry into the big litter box!

And where the dogs got to jump and play in the water (like when I played in our pond in the back yard).

I especially liked the scenes of the dogs running, and running, and running.  I wanted to run with them.

Wasn’t sure about the part with the bear, however.  First of all, it was a grizzly bear, supposedly the mommy bear with two cubs, but the cubs were definitely black bears.  Didn’t the movie people think that a clever pup like me would see the difference?  Besides, the bear took away the fish from the dogs.  What kind of injustice is that?!

But all-in-all, I would recommend this movie for every pet, even the purry-things, because it shows how loving, and faithful, and devoted we pets are.  I think that even you gentle humans would like it, although I doubt very much that you would get all the pet-related inside jokes.

That’s okay … although you can’t enjoy it from a deep, philosophical viewpoint like we pets can, you will still like the movie, albeit only superficially.  We can’t all be perfect.



One response to “At the Movies

  1. Good choice,Bailey, a good movie for humans, purry and furry beings too.

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