Sophisticated Puppy

I have heard, gentle humans, that having a pipe in your mouth made you look more sophisticated.  That it gave an image that was more mature, more suave, more debonair.

So I thought that I would try it and see.

I found a pipe lying in the yard and picked it up.  I think it felt pretty good in my mouth.  I played with it, and dropped it, nudged it with my nose, and then picked it up again.

It made me happy.  It made me excited.  But, did it make me sophisticated?

There’s got to be more about being debonair than just sticking a pipe in one’s mouth.  While it felt good, it didn’t seem any different that carrying around a piece of string, or a tennis ball, or a squeaky chicken.

You know, I think that I am a pretty sophisticated puppy, even without the pipe.  What do you think?  You can leave comments below.

Oh, one last pipe thought … dad asked me how I was going to light it.  Huh?  Why would I ever want to do that??


2 responses to “Sophisticated Puppy

  1. Bailey is a smart puppie…knows better than to light up. Good dog Bailey.

  2. Bailey, you are too cool for school!

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