Hide and Think

Dear gentle humans, I know that you haven’t seen or heard much from me lately.   Well, there is a very simple reason for that:  I have been hiding.

Sometimes I just have to get away and ponder by myself, so I look for a quiet place to hide and I sit … and watch … and think deep thoughts.  Here I am, in one of my pensive moods.  Can you find me?

I bet you’re having trouble seeing me in my hiding place, but I can see you! I can watch everything that you do as I sit and cogitate.

You might wonder what it is that a clever puppy has to think about.  You’d be surprised.  We pups think of lots of things, like when it is time to eat again, and what we will be chewing up next, and what are the probabilities that life will be found on any of the earth-like planets that are being discovered, such as Kepler-22b.

Oh, I see that you found me.

All right, in that case, let’s go play!

There will plenty of time to think later. The world’s problems can wait another day or two until I solve them.

Besides, it is hard to solve world problems on an empty stomach.  So, after we play, we eat.  Right?

Got any puppy treats in your pocket?



One response to “Hide and Think

  1. B – I need a lot of alone time to think, too! Maybe I’ll see you in your hiding place some time!

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