Beware of Humans


I am told that many years ago someone named Darwin wrote about “Natural Selection” and the survival of the fittest.  If this is true then I am surprised that gentle humans ever made it past the caveman stage.  In fact, the cavepuppies were much more adept at survival – why they didn’t become the dominant species I’ll never know.

As a warning to all you other pets out there who may be reading this, beware of your humans.  They are accident-prone and must be watched.  For example, a while ago dad tried to run a power drill through his thumbnail.  Ouch.  Then, this past weekend his other thumb found out how sharp the knife was.  Ouch.  And a week ago mom caught her pinky when she closed the car door on it.  Ouch.

It is one thing when humans do all these things to themselves, but sometimes we pets get involved in their ouch-making carelessness.  The purry-things in this house are always complaining about their tails being stepped on.  Me-Ouch.

And I have to be very careful when I sleep near the computer desk that they don’t roll over my soft, furry ears with the chair wheels.

Good thing that has not happened yet.  It would not be nice.

Yes, gentle humans can be hazardous to the health of clever puppies.  You have been warned.



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