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Peddles and Paws

Wow, what a beautiful day it was for a walk!  Unless, of course, you are a very little, cute, gentle human.  Then it was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

We all went for a walk — or ride — this past weekend and it was again very exhilarating. Melanie, the cute gentle human (on her bike) and I, the clever puppy  (trotting alongside her) would set the pace, occasionally stopping to wait for the others.

Except, however, when I got distracted by two little fellows.  Riley and Niles were a couple of beagles, and wow, were they adorable.  And fun.  Especially Riley.  He is two years old and still acts like a pup.  We ran around together and played, but being held back by leashes, there was a limit to our frolicking.  Their human brings them often to this park for a walk, so maybe we will see them again.  I hope so.

Then it was off again, on our outing.  Of course, this meant stopping many times to wait while the big humans caught up to us.

You know, that bike doesn’t look so hard to ride.  I bet that a clever puppy like me could figure it out.  I could peddle with my back paws, steer with my front, and ring the bell with my nose.  I love bells.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.  If dad won’t let me drive his car, maybe he’ll get me a nice bike instead.  Maybe a nice bike like Melanie’s.  Or maybe a fast mountain bike with fat tires.  Or maybe a Harley

Yes, I will have to ask dad … when he finally catches up to me.  “Come on, dad!  Walk faster!  I’ve got something to ask you!!”


Get a Clue

Clueless.  That is what you gentle humans are.  Clueless.

Just like in this Peanuts cartoon, you just walk by a puppy who is holding a food dish and you don’t fill it.  Why not?  Isn’t it obvious that the puppy needs food? Isn’t it obvious that the puppy is begging to be fed?  Or is it, as Snoopy asks, just being a bit too obvious?

My mom and dad saw me holding a bowl and said, “How cute.”  Hey, dear humans, I am not trying to be cute!  I want to be served.  Maybe part of your waffle, or a bit of that steak, or (am I hoping for too much?) a piece of your apple pie.  I’m not asking for compliments.  I’m asking for food.

But no, they go right on admiring how clever I am, and getting that black box to take pictures of me, and all the time I sit looking for food.

Maybe I need to work on my delivery.  Maybe I need to look more unkempt and carry a cardboard sign that says,

“Hungry.  Will Play for Food.”

I wonder if that will wake up my humans.  What do YOU think?  If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments section (below).  I am getting desperate.  I need some new ideas.  I need my humans to get a clue!

A Puppy’s Reflections

Sometimes I look outside and see another dog.  A very handsome, clever puppy. And he is looking at me.  Maybe we could get together some day and play.

You silly, silly gentle humans.  Of course I know that is not a real dog, but is my reflection.  I am too smart and clever a pup to be fooled by my mirror image in the sliding door.

Still, it would be nice to meet and play with other dogs.

For example, there is Murphy, the Great Dane whose blog was the inspiration for my first attempts at writing.  But Murph and his human live in some place called Sandy Eggo.  I hear that’s pretty far away from my home.  You can read all about Murphy at his blog — the link is listed on the right side of my page.

My dad was telling me about another dog whose human he was talking to yesterday.  This dog is named Norwalk and like me he is also 9.   Well, all right, he is nine years old while I am only nine months.  He sounds like a dog to whom I can look up and from whom I can learn a lot.  Dad forgot what type of dog he is; maybe an English Spaniel?  There’s another reason why dogs are superior to you gentle humans.  A dog would never forget what kind of dog another dog was.  (sigh)  But, despite his faults, I put up with dad.  After all, he will feed me, and play with me, and (try to) run with me.

Ahh well, I guess I’ve rambled on long enough for today.  Time to rest my head and think deep thoughts.  Maybe I’ll think about chasing the purry-things, or chewing on another tuggy-toy, or finishing my 1/50 scale model of the space shuttle.


Grass Stains

“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.”  – Eleonora Duse

Ah, the pure joys of lying in the grass.  Sure, grass is fun to run on, and to roll in, but sometimes it is wonderful just to lie down among the green blades and listen to nature.  I love to hear the birds chirping in the trees, and the insects buzzing overhead, and the worms slithering through the ground below … ewww, worms?

Lying in the grass is a great way to recharge the batteries of a very clever puppy.  That way the puppy is ready for more romping, and pouncing, and flying through the air.  So beware,  gentle humans, this puppy is getting ready to explode with a burst of energy!

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” – Walt Whitman


Follow the Bouncing Ball

I’ve played with a tennis ball.  That is nice because I can easily get my mouth around it and carry it, and it is easy for my humans to throw for me to fetch.

I’ve played with a volleyball.  Bigger than tennis balls, it was fun to chase when my humans would kick it, and finally when I was able to puncture it and deflate it, I was able to get my teeth around it and carry it all over the yard.

But this weekend my mom brought home the Monster Ball.  This is big! This is huge! If Earth were the size of a golf ball, this one would be Jupiter!

I spent an afternoon playing with this one.  I’d try to pick it up in my mouth, but my clever puppy mouth just wasn’t big enough.  I tried pouncing on it, but it didn’t roll very far.

But, of course, I kept trying.  I wasn’t going to give up easily.  After all, mom brought me home a new challenge and I wasn’t about to let this ball get the better of me.

And, yes, as you gentle humans might have guessed, this clever puppy was victorious again.  Within only a few hours of its arrival, there was a hole in the ball and I was able to easily carry it around.

I hope that mom didn’t spend too much on this Monster Ball.  It certainly didn’t last too long.  But still, I liked it.  I like trying out different kinds of balls.  I’m looking forward to getting my first beach ball.  Or chasing a basketball.

I think that I would also like to try a cheese ball.


T.G.I.T !!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  This puppy is excited … because it is Thursday! And do you know what that means??  I bet you don’t, unless you are a very special human.

You see, there is an especially-gentle human who often comes to visit me on Thursday nights.  Well, she claims that she actually comes down my way because of something called a Knit Night (or is it Knit Knight?  Maybe Nit Nite??)  But I know that the real reason that she comes is to play with me!

What other reason could there possibly be?

The last time that she came we played tug with my tuggy-toy.  As you can seen in these pictures, however, it was in pretty sad shape.  I’ve been tugging and chewing on it a lot, and it is unraveling.  I wish I knew how to ravel it back, but I’m not that clever a puppy.

Anyway, I hope that she comes down again this Thursday.  She can come down and play with me, and then go to her knitting thing, where maybe she is knitting something special for me?  No, I don’t want a scarf, or a sweater, or socks for all four feet.  I want her to knit me a new tuggy-toy!  Then, when I unravel it, there will be yarn strung all over the house!  Just think of how much fun that will be for mom and dad!

This puppy is excited!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy …



I’ve Got a Friend

Hello, gentle humans.  I hope that you have been having a nice day.  I hope that you have been able to enjoy this wonderful weather with a friend.

I’ve got a friend.

Whenever I go outside, I am greeted by Gilly.  Gilly — which is short for Gilbert — lives in the backyard with his brother, Sully (I bet you can guess what that is short for).  Each time that mom or dad opens the backdoor, you can be sure that Gilly is waiting there for me.  Sometimes we just talk, or lick, or look at the world together. We never know what we are going to do next; we just like doing it together.

On this particular day I ran outside, grabbed my volleyball, and the two of us romped around on the back lawn.   When we got tired we lay down for a rest.  It was a hard day of playing, but I was glad to have my friend there to share the fun.

I hope that you have a special friend with whom you can play with a volleyball, or  rub noses, or have a drink from the water bowl.  Life is better with a friend.

Weekend Tips

(wag wag wag) Hello, gentle humans.  I’m wagging my tail because it is the weekend!  Time to relax … time for fun … time to play with the puppy!  And to help you, I thought I’d give you 10 things that you can do this weekend:

1.  Take the puppy for a walk.  A nice, early walk in the cool brisk morning helps wake you up and gets you ready for a full day of fun.

2. Feed the puppy.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Don’t forget the bacon and the sausage.

3. Time for a game of tug-of war.  Get a toy, or a rope, or an arm, and let’s see who is stronger.  (grr grrr tug tug).  I win! I always do.

4. Take the pup for a drive.  To the park.  To the school.  To the pet store where they have lots of puppy treats.  Don’t forget to roll the window down.

5. By now it is time for that puppy treat.  Fried chicken, grilled trout, a nice rare sirloin … OK, a doggie bone will be all right, I guess.

6. How about a game of Frisbee? You throw it, and I will get it and then run around and make you chase me.  See, this is good for you!  You are getting lots of exercise.

7.  Oh, another treat?  Don’t mind if I do.  Thanks.

8.  It’s getting late by now, and time for another walk.   Let’s go, follow me.  Off into the sunset (a great movie ending, isn’t it?)

9.  Get what time it is?  It’s SUPPERTIME!  Time to feed the clever, hungry puppy!  Mmmm, is that lobster that I smell?

10. Ahh, it’s been a long day.  Time for some rest.  Then we can do this all over again tomorrow.

See, there are lots of things to do with your puppy on a beautiful weekend.  These 10 things are only suggestions.  Think of your own activities.  With lots of running, and playing, and treats!

Good night.

Mischief Managed

Ha ha.  I was joking around yesterday.  I bet that you gentle humans were really convinced that I had turned into one of those purry-things after eating so much of their purry-food.  As you can see from this picture, I am still a puppy, a clever joking puppy. Ha ha.

Besides, how could I have turned into a purry-thing sitting on my dog bed, when I told you the previous day that I ripped my dog bed to tiny pieces.  Ha ha, another joke.

But I wasn’t joking about eating the purry-food.  You can also see in this picture that I am holding an empty purry-food dish.  Why is it empty, you might ask?

OK, maybe you didn’t ask why it was empty.  But I’ll give you a hint anyway:

This clever puppy was hungry!


Purry Worries

There are purry-things all over the place.  I don’t understand why there are so many.

There are the ones who live inside with me, and who only dare approach me when I’m asleep (or pretending to be).  But as soon as I lift my head to say, “Hi, Purry, how are you?” they raise their fur and hiss at me and show their claws.  They are not really very nice at all.

There are also the purry-things who live in the back yard.  I think that mom and dad keep them around to keep rodents away, whatever those are. Anyway, these purry-things are friendlier, especially the one who is the same color as me.  We must be brothers.

Well, to feed these purry-things mom leaves lots of food around, both inside (for the hissy-things) and outside (for the rodent-chasers).  And, when my humans are not watching, I sneak over and eat the purry-food!  It’s not quite as good as my own puppy-chow, but hey, hungry pups can’t be too choosy, can we?

I am a little worried, however, that I may be eating too much purry-food.  It is affecting me in strange ways.  Sometimes I catch myself purring — yes, actually purring — and yesterday I even coughed up a hairball!  Can you imagine??  But the worse part of all was when I woke up this morning, and THIS is what I looked like lying on my dog bed!!

I think that I’d better lay off of the purry-food for a while.  It’s not good for me.