Purry Worries

There are purry-things all over the place.  I don’t understand why there are so many.

There are the ones who live inside with me, and who only dare approach me when I’m asleep (or pretending to be).  But as soon as I lift my head to say, “Hi, Purry, how are you?” they raise their fur and hiss at me and show their claws.  They are not really very nice at all.

There are also the purry-things who live in the back yard.  I think that mom and dad keep them around to keep rodents away, whatever those are. Anyway, these purry-things are friendlier, especially the one who is the same color as me.  We must be brothers.

Well, to feed these purry-things mom leaves lots of food around, both inside (for the hissy-things) and outside (for the rodent-chasers).  And, when my humans are not watching, I sneak over and eat the purry-food!  It’s not quite as good as my own puppy-chow, but hey, hungry pups can’t be too choosy, can we?

I am a little worried, however, that I may be eating too much purry-food.  It is affecting me in strange ways.  Sometimes I catch myself purring — yes, actually purring — and yesterday I even coughed up a hairball!  Can you imagine??  But the worse part of all was when I woke up this morning, and THIS is what I looked like lying on my dog bed!!

I think that I’d better lay off of the purry-food for a while.  It’s not good for me.


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