Mischief Managed

Ha ha.  I was joking around yesterday.  I bet that you gentle humans were really convinced that I had turned into one of those purry-things after eating so much of their purry-food.  As you can see from this picture, I am still a puppy, a clever joking puppy. Ha ha.

Besides, how could I have turned into a purry-thing sitting on my dog bed, when I told you the previous day that I ripped my dog bed to tiny pieces.  Ha ha, another joke.

But I wasn’t joking about eating the purry-food.  You can also see in this picture that I am holding an empty purry-food dish.  Why is it empty, you might ask?

OK, maybe you didn’t ask why it was empty.  But I’ll give you a hint anyway:

This clever puppy was hungry!



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