Weekend Tips

(wag wag wag) Hello, gentle humans.  I’m wagging my tail because it is the weekend!  Time to relax … time for fun … time to play with the puppy!  And to help you, I thought I’d give you 10 things that you can do this weekend:

1.  Take the puppy for a walk.  A nice, early walk in the cool brisk morning helps wake you up and gets you ready for a full day of fun.

2. Feed the puppy.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Don’t forget the bacon and the sausage.

3. Time for a game of tug-of war.  Get a toy, or a rope, or an arm, and let’s see who is stronger.  (grr grrr tug tug).  I win! I always do.

4. Take the pup for a drive.  To the park.  To the school.  To the pet store where they have lots of puppy treats.  Don’t forget to roll the window down.

5. By now it is time for that puppy treat.  Fried chicken, grilled trout, a nice rare sirloin … OK, a doggie bone will be all right, I guess.

6. How about a game of Frisbee? You throw it, and I will get it and then run around and make you chase me.  See, this is good for you!  You are getting lots of exercise.

7.  Oh, another treat?  Don’t mind if I do.  Thanks.

8.  It’s getting late by now, and time for another walk.   Let’s go, follow me.  Off into the sunset (a great movie ending, isn’t it?)

9.  Get what time it is?  It’s SUPPERTIME!  Time to feed the clever, hungry puppy!  Mmmm, is that lobster that I smell?

10. Ahh, it’s been a long day.  Time for some rest.  Then we can do this all over again tomorrow.

See, there are lots of things to do with your puppy on a beautiful weekend.  These 10 things are only suggestions.  Think of your own activities.  With lots of running, and playing, and treats!

Good night.


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