I’ve Got a Friend

Hello, gentle humans.  I hope that you have been having a nice day.  I hope that you have been able to enjoy this wonderful weather with a friend.

I’ve got a friend.

Whenever I go outside, I am greeted by Gilly.  Gilly — which is short for Gilbert — lives in the backyard with his brother, Sully (I bet you can guess what that is short for).  Each time that mom or dad opens the backdoor, you can be sure that Gilly is waiting there for me.  Sometimes we just talk, or lick, or look at the world together. We never know what we are going to do next; we just like doing it together.

On this particular day I ran outside, grabbed my volleyball, and the two of us romped around on the back lawn.   When we got tired we lay down for a rest.  It was a hard day of playing, but I was glad to have my friend there to share the fun.

I hope that you have a special friend with whom you can play with a volleyball, or  rub noses, or have a drink from the water bowl.  Life is better with a friend.


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