T.G.I.T !!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  This puppy is excited … because it is Thursday! And do you know what that means??  I bet you don’t, unless you are a very special human.

You see, there is an especially-gentle human who often comes to visit me on Thursday nights.  Well, she claims that she actually comes down my way because of something called a Knit Night (or is it Knit Knight?  Maybe Nit Nite??)  But I know that the real reason that she comes is to play with me!

What other reason could there possibly be?

The last time that she came we played tug with my tuggy-toy.  As you can seen in these pictures, however, it was in pretty sad shape.  I’ve been tugging and chewing on it a lot, and it is unraveling.  I wish I knew how to ravel it back, but I’m not that clever a puppy.

Anyway, I hope that she comes down again this Thursday.  She can come down and play with me, and then go to her knitting thing, where maybe she is knitting something special for me?  No, I don’t want a scarf, or a sweater, or socks for all four feet.  I want her to knit me a new tuggy-toy!  Then, when I unravel it, there will be yarn strung all over the house!  Just think of how much fun that will be for mom and dad!

This puppy is excited!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy …




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