Follow the Bouncing Ball

I’ve played with a tennis ball.  That is nice because I can easily get my mouth around it and carry it, and it is easy for my humans to throw for me to fetch.

I’ve played with a volleyball.  Bigger than tennis balls, it was fun to chase when my humans would kick it, and finally when I was able to puncture it and deflate it, I was able to get my teeth around it and carry it all over the yard.

But this weekend my mom brought home the Monster Ball.  This is big! This is huge! If Earth were the size of a golf ball, this one would be Jupiter!

I spent an afternoon playing with this one.  I’d try to pick it up in my mouth, but my clever puppy mouth just wasn’t big enough.  I tried pouncing on it, but it didn’t roll very far.

But, of course, I kept trying.  I wasn’t going to give up easily.  After all, mom brought me home a new challenge and I wasn’t about to let this ball get the better of me.

And, yes, as you gentle humans might have guessed, this clever puppy was victorious again.  Within only a few hours of its arrival, there was a hole in the ball and I was able to easily carry it around.

I hope that mom didn’t spend too much on this Monster Ball.  It certainly didn’t last too long.  But still, I liked it.  I like trying out different kinds of balls.  I’m looking forward to getting my first beach ball.  Or chasing a basketball.

I think that I would also like to try a cheese ball.



One response to “Follow the Bouncing Ball

  1. You defeat that ball, Bailey! You teach it who’s boss!

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