A Puppy’s Reflections

Sometimes I look outside and see another dog.  A very handsome, clever puppy. And he is looking at me.  Maybe we could get together some day and play.

You silly, silly gentle humans.  Of course I know that is not a real dog, but is my reflection.  I am too smart and clever a pup to be fooled by my mirror image in the sliding door.

Still, it would be nice to meet and play with other dogs.

For example, there is Murphy, the Great Dane whose blog was the inspiration for my first attempts at writing.  But Murph and his human live in some place called Sandy Eggo.  I hear that’s pretty far away from my home.  You can read all about Murphy at his blog — the link is listed on the right side of my page.

My dad was telling me about another dog whose human he was talking to yesterday.  This dog is named Norwalk and like me he is also 9.   Well, all right, he is nine years old while I am only nine months.  He sounds like a dog to whom I can look up and from whom I can learn a lot.  Dad forgot what type of dog he is; maybe an English Spaniel?  There’s another reason why dogs are superior to you gentle humans.  A dog would never forget what kind of dog another dog was.  (sigh)  But, despite his faults, I put up with dad.  After all, he will feed me, and play with me, and (try to) run with me.

Ahh well, I guess I’ve rambled on long enough for today.  Time to rest my head and think deep thoughts.  Maybe I’ll think about chasing the purry-things, or chewing on another tuggy-toy, or finishing my 1/50 scale model of the space shuttle.



One response to “A Puppy’s Reflections

  1. No one can pull the wool over your eyes, you very clever pup!

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