Get a Clue

Clueless.  That is what you gentle humans are.  Clueless.

Just like in this Peanuts cartoon, you just walk by a puppy who is holding a food dish and you don’t fill it.  Why not?  Isn’t it obvious that the puppy needs food? Isn’t it obvious that the puppy is begging to be fed?  Or is it, as Snoopy asks, just being a bit too obvious?

My mom and dad saw me holding a bowl and said, “How cute.”  Hey, dear humans, I am not trying to be cute!  I want to be served.  Maybe part of your waffle, or a bit of that steak, or (am I hoping for too much?) a piece of your apple pie.  I’m not asking for compliments.  I’m asking for food.

But no, they go right on admiring how clever I am, and getting that black box to take pictures of me, and all the time I sit looking for food.

Maybe I need to work on my delivery.  Maybe I need to look more unkempt and carry a cardboard sign that says,

“Hungry.  Will Play for Food.”

I wonder if that will wake up my humans.  What do YOU think?  If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments section (below).  I am getting desperate.  I need some new ideas.  I need my humans to get a clue!


One response to “Get a Clue

  1. Poor Bailey. Your gentle humans are not very trainable, are they?

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