Peddles and Paws

Wow, what a beautiful day it was for a walk!  Unless, of course, you are a very little, cute, gentle human.  Then it was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

We all went for a walk — or ride — this past weekend and it was again very exhilarating. Melanie, the cute gentle human (on her bike) and I, the clever puppy  (trotting alongside her) would set the pace, occasionally stopping to wait for the others.

Except, however, when I got distracted by two little fellows.  Riley and Niles were a couple of beagles, and wow, were they adorable.  And fun.  Especially Riley.  He is two years old and still acts like a pup.  We ran around together and played, but being held back by leashes, there was a limit to our frolicking.  Their human brings them often to this park for a walk, so maybe we will see them again.  I hope so.

Then it was off again, on our outing.  Of course, this meant stopping many times to wait while the big humans caught up to us.

You know, that bike doesn’t look so hard to ride.  I bet that a clever puppy like me could figure it out.  I could peddle with my back paws, steer with my front, and ring the bell with my nose.  I love bells.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.  If dad won’t let me drive his car, maybe he’ll get me a nice bike instead.  Maybe a nice bike like Melanie’s.  Or maybe a fast mountain bike with fat tires.  Or maybe a Harley

Yes, I will have to ask dad … when he finally catches up to me.  “Come on, dad!  Walk faster!  I’ve got something to ask you!!”


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