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Not in Kansas anymore…

I want to be in show business.  Really, I do.  And there is a part just for me.


Yes, I think the role of Toto would be just the part for a clever puppy like me, don’t you think?  Toto is adorable, and everyone loves him (well, except for the Wicked Witch, who is really Mrs. Gulch, but who cares about what she likes, anyway?)  Yes, I would make a perfect Toto.

And, as luck would have it, my humans are currently involved in a production of The Wizard of Oz which will open in Morgan Hill on June 15.  Mom is producing, Colleen is directing, Nikki is co-flight director for the flying effects (YES, this show will be flown … wouldn’t it be great for this clever puppy to FLY??!!) and even Melanie has a part in it … as a Munchkin, of course.

There is still one role not filled … and audition notices have been posted.  They are still looking for a pup to fill the role of Toto.

I’ve been practicing for my audition.  I can sit, stay, and come on command.  I can chase wicked witches and bite nasty ladies on bicycles.  But I have one big problem …

I can’t fit into the basket.  

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to squeeze in.  I’ve grown up too much.  They need a bigger basket.  And yet, this basket can’t be bigger, because it has to fit on Mrs. Gulch’s bicycle.  What a dilemma.

Hmmm, maybe a bigger basket would work if Mrs. Gulch rode a Harley instead!!!

I’ll have to ask about that at my audition.


Mother’s Day

Yes, just like Snoopy, sometimes I miss the place where I was born.  I miss playing with my brothers and sisters.  I miss Sparkle, my mom.  Especially on a day like today.

There were a lot of us running around that yard.  Here is a picture of only some of us with Mom.  Isn’t she a pretty dog?

I remember having good times with Mom.  I remember when she would nurse us; I had to fight my way in because all my siblings were constantly hungry as well.  I remember that Mom would let us jump on her, and pull on her fur, and run all around.  She never complained, well, not much anyway.

But then I left to live with my new family, and I have been very happy here in San Martin.  I have been growing like a puppy, getting faster and stronger, and smarter and even more clever.  Life has been good … very good.

Still, I miss my Mom.  She loved me, and taught me how to be a puppy, and gave me a good start in life.  I hope that she is doing well.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I love you.


I don’t understand why purry-things are considered “cool” while we puppies are called “hot” … as in “cool cats” and “hot dogs”.    I’ll have you know that clever pups like me know very well how to stay cool when it gets hot, as it seems to be now that Summer is approaching.

One very good way is to indulge in some water sports.  For example, frolicking in the pool will quickly cool you off.  The only problem is that sometimes the pool can get rather crowded with others who are trying to beat the heat as well.  You must learn to be patient and understanding when others get in your way.

Another way to cool off is to play in the sprinklers.  This is doubly effective as you also get to run around and get exercise while getting wet.  So, after an invigorating work out, the cool-down is automatic.

Here I am after a fun romp in the sprinklers … I look pretty cool, right?

You might think that it would be a challenge to stay cool once you come back inside, because it is harder to play in the water when in the house.  But you would be wrong.  There is a very effective way of combating the heat … all it takes is a fan, a nice place to lie down, and a clever pup to turn the fan on.

So there you have three excellent ways to stay cool … all tried and true.  If they can work for this puppy, they will work for you gentle humans.

However, I don’t think that the purry-things will take very well to the water suggestions.  Oh well … their loss.



Down Close and Personal

Sometimes I don’t understand you gentle humans.  Especially my dad.

There used to be — I have been told — a TV show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

Well, I think that the 2012 remake should be called, “Gentle Humans Do the Darndest Things” and the first episode should feature my dad.  I mean, look at this picture:

What in the world, you may ask, is he trying to do?   Well, I’ll tell you . . .  he is trying to take a picture of me — at puppy level — with his iPhone.  Meanwhile, I was running circles around him, playing keep-away with my stick.  He had to try and grab it to keep me in one place for his photo.

Needless to say, dad had quite a bit of trouble trying to get that picture of me.  I kept getting too close, or moving too fast (after all, I am speed!), or simply knocking him over.  Most of his results were pretty silly.  I wouldn’t  say that he had a successful photo experience. But I sure had fun!

Finally, I guess, he was satisfied with one of the pictures.  Or maybe he just gave up.  Anyway, he put away his phone and we played on the lawn.

Someday I hope dad will realize that he cannot get a good picture of me when I am playing.  After all, I am just too fast for the camera.  Do you remember my earlier post about breaking the sound barrier?  Here is the link:

But, despite his past failures, I am sure that he will keep right on trying.  I will say that about dad … he doesn’t give up easily.  But you know, sometimes he does the darndest things …