Down Close and Personal

Sometimes I don’t understand you gentle humans.  Especially my dad.

There used to be — I have been told — a TV show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

Well, I think that the 2012 remake should be called, “Gentle Humans Do the Darndest Things” and the first episode should feature my dad.  I mean, look at this picture:

What in the world, you may ask, is he trying to do?   Well, I’ll tell you . . .  he is trying to take a picture of me — at puppy level — with his iPhone.  Meanwhile, I was running circles around him, playing keep-away with my stick.  He had to try and grab it to keep me in one place for his photo.

Needless to say, dad had quite a bit of trouble trying to get that picture of me.  I kept getting too close, or moving too fast (after all, I am speed!), or simply knocking him over.  Most of his results were pretty silly.  I wouldn’t  say that he had a successful photo experience. But I sure had fun!

Finally, I guess, he was satisfied with one of the pictures.  Or maybe he just gave up.  Anyway, he put away his phone and we played on the lawn.

Someday I hope dad will realize that he cannot get a good picture of me when I am playing.  After all, I am just too fast for the camera.  Do you remember my earlier post about breaking the sound barrier?  Here is the link:

But, despite his past failures, I am sure that he will keep right on trying.  I will say that about dad … he doesn’t give up easily.  But you know, sometimes he does the darndest things …



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