I don’t understand why purry-things are considered “cool” while we puppies are called “hot” … as in “cool cats” and “hot dogs”.    I’ll have you know that clever pups like me know very well how to stay cool when it gets hot, as it seems to be now that Summer is approaching.

One very good way is to indulge in some water sports.  For example, frolicking in the pool will quickly cool you off.  The only problem is that sometimes the pool can get rather crowded with others who are trying to beat the heat as well.  You must learn to be patient and understanding when others get in your way.

Another way to cool off is to play in the sprinklers.  This is doubly effective as you also get to run around and get exercise while getting wet.  So, after an invigorating work out, the cool-down is automatic.

Here I am after a fun romp in the sprinklers … I look pretty cool, right?

You might think that it would be a challenge to stay cool once you come back inside, because it is harder to play in the water when in the house.  But you would be wrong.  There is a very effective way of combating the heat … all it takes is a fan, a nice place to lie down, and a clever pup to turn the fan on.

So there you have three excellent ways to stay cool … all tried and true.  If they can work for this puppy, they will work for you gentle humans.

However, I don’t think that the purry-things will take very well to the water suggestions.  Oh well … their loss.




2 responses to “Coolness

  1. You are the coolest, hippest dog there ever was!!

  2. Try relaxing on the tile entry. That’s a very cool place for a hot puppy.

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