Mother’s Day

Yes, just like Snoopy, sometimes I miss the place where I was born.  I miss playing with my brothers and sisters.  I miss Sparkle, my mom.  Especially on a day like today.

There were a lot of us running around that yard.  Here is a picture of only some of us with Mom.  Isn’t she a pretty dog?

I remember having good times with Mom.  I remember when she would nurse us; I had to fight my way in because all my siblings were constantly hungry as well.  I remember that Mom would let us jump on her, and pull on her fur, and run all around.  She never complained, well, not much anyway.

But then I left to live with my new family, and I have been very happy here in San Martin.  I have been growing like a puppy, getting faster and stronger, and smarter and even more clever.  Life has been good … very good.

Still, I miss my Mom.  She loved me, and taught me how to be a puppy, and gave me a good start in life.  I hope that she is doing well.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I love you.


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