Not in Kansas anymore…

I want to be in show business.  Really, I do.  And there is a part just for me.


Yes, I think the role of Toto would be just the part for a clever puppy like me, don’t you think?  Toto is adorable, and everyone loves him (well, except for the Wicked Witch, who is really Mrs. Gulch, but who cares about what she likes, anyway?)  Yes, I would make a perfect Toto.

And, as luck would have it, my humans are currently involved in a production of The Wizard of Oz which will open in Morgan Hill on June 15.  Mom is producing, Colleen is directing, Nikki is co-flight director for the flying effects (YES, this show will be flown … wouldn’t it be great for this clever puppy to FLY??!!) and even Melanie has a part in it … as a Munchkin, of course.

There is still one role not filled … and audition notices have been posted.  They are still looking for a pup to fill the role of Toto.

I’ve been practicing for my audition.  I can sit, stay, and come on command.  I can chase wicked witches and bite nasty ladies on bicycles.  But I have one big problem …

I can’t fit into the basket.  

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to squeeze in.  I’ve grown up too much.  They need a bigger basket.  And yet, this basket can’t be bigger, because it has to fit on Mrs. Gulch’s bicycle.  What a dilemma.

Hmmm, maybe a bigger basket would work if Mrs. Gulch rode a Harley instead!!!

I’ll have to ask about that at my audition.


4 responses to “Not in Kansas anymore…

  1. Bailey, I think you’d be happier as a greeter-pup than onstage…

  2. And Dad is the Wizard???

  3. “No, dad is crazy, and odd, but he is not the Wizard. He is the set designer and stage manager.”

  4. Miss Gulch would LOVE to ride a Harley over the rainbow with you as a companion – and some of those cookies Mrs. Gale is always trying to feed me. And I am trying to SAVE poor Toto from that wretched little girl – always making him do HER dirty work. Humph!!!

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