Horsing Around

I love helping mom and dad feed the horses.  Often they will let me come out with them when they get the hay for them.  It’s great fun to have the pasture gate opened, and to go running out at full speed, dashing around in circles, and zipping into the hay barn.

I still haven’t figured out why horses like to eat hay.  Sure, this pup likes to chew on grass, and sometimes I like to taste a flower or two.  But hay is so … dry, and yucky.  It is only good for climbing on.  So I do.

Look … stairs!

There are other animals that live in the barn.  There are more purry-things that also like to climb on the hay, and sleep there, too.  Mom and dad say they are in the barn to keep the mice away, but I think they are there because it’s fun to play on the hay.  And, of course, being the friendly puppy that I am, I just had to climb up to the top to say “hello.”

After the hay is put out in the pasture for the horses, it is time to let them out of their stalls. Unfortunately, before they let the horses out, mom and dad always put me back into my yard.  Except once.  Dad forgot that I was still in the pasture, and when he opened the stall doors they ran out and I ran with them.  That was fun!  I am fast, as you know, but those horses might be even faster than me!  Dru, the beautiful bay Arabian, and I ran together to the far corner of the pasture and back again.  Dad had a heck of a time catching me and getting me back into my yard.

I can’t wait until I can run with them again.  We’ll see who is really the fastest!


One response to “Horsing Around

  1. Hay is for horses – chewy steak and bones are for clever pups!

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