Behold, I tell you a mystery

Dear gentle humans, here is a mystery for you. 

What caused this orange spot on the rug?  Can you figure it out?  It is a nice color, isn’t it?  But how did it get there?  And, who is the culprit who caused  it to appear?

This was the puzzle that greated my mom and dad a couple of nights ago.  They were very baffled by this new artwork on their floor.  And, as they looked further, they found footprints on the tile:

The color sort of blended in with the color of the tile, but very distinctly, there it was:  an orange footprint followed by another, and another.

Indeed, this was a mystery that would have been worthy of Ellery Queen, or Miss Marple, or even Hercule Poirot!  But, alas, they were not around to solve the puzzle.

Do YOU know what this is?  And who done it?

Really?  Do you think that this angelic, clever puppy would be behind such shenanigans?  How could you think such things?

OK, so what if this puppy was the perpetrator of this crime.  You still haven’t solved the riddle of what the orange stuff is.

I don’t think that you would ever guess.  Go ahead, try.

Wrong.  Try again.

Nope.  Still not right.

See, I told you that you’d never guess it.  I knew that you’d never say that it was orange face paint!

Ooops … how did I know that?  Is that a confession?  Can I plead the fifth?  Where is my lawyer?


3 responses to “Behold, I tell you a mystery

  1. Oops! You need to be sneakier, Bailey! My pup, Murphy, got into a plastic bottle of teal paint – it ended up on the carpet, his foot and the tile!

  2. Oh, Bailey, what have you gotten into this time?

  3. I was going with spaghetti sauce….

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